Technical Translation

Our small team of skilled and experienced translators works with technical terminology on a daily basis, removing the margin of error for your overseas staff and customers, and providing accurate, informative and engaging (yes, it’s possible) technical translations. We collaborate with businesses worldwide in a wide range of industries, including electronics and gadgets, mechanics, robotics and engineering, and our translations have included operating manuals, technical specifications, technical reports, tender documents, data sheets, product packaging, apps, websites and more.

Translation for Business

From internal documents to websites and brochures, we translate any and all business documents with a comprehensive service that also includes proofreading and editing. Whether a text has been produced in-house or by an external source, our business translation work is bespoke, the antithesis of the word-churning beast that is Google translate, and with affordable rates. Our service is accessible to companies that want to partner with a translation service in the long term.

Official Documents Translation

Official and legal documents must be handled by competent and qualified translators to avoid costly mistakes and bureaucratic headaches. Some translations, like passports and birth certificates, also require certification by a qualified translator to be deemed fit for official use. If you’re planning to get married or study abroad, applying for foreign citizenship or residence, or making job applications overseas, your documents must be in order - and having them in the right language is a great start.

Travel and Tourism Translation

A confused visitor is an unhappy customer. Whether hotel or guest house, museum or family attraction, make sure that your international visitors are as informed as your local guests with our high-quality translations and local knowledge. Have you ever been on holiday, picked up a restaurant menu or hotel brochure and found yourself scratching your head? Then you'll understand the importance of accurate translation. From tourist information to menus, leaflets and brochures, our translations can help.

About Us

Weaving Words is a small collective of skilled European language translators, based in Exeter, Devon. 

Led by experienced translator, Adam Haynes, we specialise in the translation of technical texts, with a bespoke service shaped to fit the unique needs of a diverse range of clients.

As a boutique agency made up of individual translators sharing common values, we have the time, space and motivation to give your European language translation the thoughtful consideration it needs to be useful, accurate and engaging. 

 Our translators bring a wealth of expertise and insight to your texts, whether you’re a small company, a big business, or an individual in need of help translating official documentation. 

For language services that go beyond word-for-word translation to improve clarity and impact, get in touch with Weaving Words for a no obligation, no pressure chat.

You send us what you need to be translated and tell us which language or languages you need. We will give you a quote. If you’re happy with the quote, we will get our native language speakers on the case to get your document, text, brochure or other content back to you as quickly as possible.

Any text you send us will be returned to you the same, but in a different language and tailored to suit your target market. Although we started our translation journey with the Germanic languages, we can now cover most major language combinations through a network of experienced translators.