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No two documents are the same, and the quote we provide will depend on a number of factors – most importantly the size of the document (the number of words), what it's about, its complexity and how soon you need it. As a general rule, we charge between £0.08 and £0.12 per source word, i.e. the words in the original document. For a rough idea, work out how many words there are in your document and multiply it by ten pence (the average). Knowing roughly what it will cost, you can then ask us for a more accurate quote.

We charge a minimum fee per job of £25 – equivalent to roughly 250 words or a single-page Word document with double spacing.

Urgent jobs, i.e. something that you need tomorrow, attract a 30% surcharge, provided that we have the capacity to fit the job in at short notice (which we usually do).

Where a quote is accepted for a job of more than £750, we ask for a 25% advance payment before the job can commence, with the remainder becoming payable once the work is complete.

Where postage is required, perhaps for original certified documents or if documents need to be sent from outside of the UK, postage will be charged at cost. Urgent courier services such as FedEx and UPS will, of course, cost more.

Special terms can be agreed with business customers who place one-off or regular orders. Please enquire.

Most single-page certificates, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates and university diplomas cost around £40 to translate into English. Company certificates of incorporation are usually around £50. Single-page divorce documents and other marriage-related documents (such as certificates of no impediment) are around £50.


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